“Take me to your Leader”

Driving home along the top of Portsdown Hill. I passed the popular drinking establishment known as “The Churchillian”
it is a great place to eat, and boasts stunning views across the whole of the city, and beyond, to the Isle of Wight.

Ordinarily, these views would be sufficient to captivate most punters!
However, I was somewhat perplexed as I glanced over toward the car parking area. This was due to having spotted this character? Just lying there, prostrate flat out on a bench seat. this struck me as being somewhat odd to say the least. There he lay, with his full face crash helmet on, his arms neatly folded over his chest, and wearing his camouflage trousers?

Now in all fairness. you would have to agree, that this not a sight one could say they see everyday?
On the other hand, I was equally aware that in the past, there had been sightings in the night skies over Portsmouth, which could be indicative of alien craft?
With this in mind, I felt it my duty to investigate this phenomenon further.

Driving my car into the car park, I parked up, grabbed the camera, and commenced to take this shot.

Interestingly, there was no evidence of a motorcycle.
My mind began to wander. Had he possibly walked there?
Did someone leave him there?
Was he fired there from a cannon?
Was he being picked up? And if so, by whom?
After grabbing one or two more images, I returned to my car. I put away the camera, and carried on with my journey home.
Driving off though, my curiosity caused me to just double check in my rear view mirror. Guess what? He was gone!
Maybe this had been a close encounter of the third kind after all?

Then again, truth be known, he was probably very drunk, decided he couldn’t ride home, and was merely having a kip!

5 thoughts on ““Take me to your Leader”

  1. Think about it. The helmet is padded. That would make a pretty good pillow, don’t you think?

    Also, I was tickled by the juxtaposition of this: Was he fired there from a canon*? with this: After firing off several more close up shots.

    *(I assume you mean cannon, unless there is some religious firing that I’m not knowledgeable of)

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