“The days last Rays”

These two gents started off reading their newspapers at the tables in the foreground.

However, in order to maximise on the remainder of the suns last rays, they gradually moved closer and closer to the edge of the small planter wall.

It has been a welcome change for us to have been enjoying such great weather here in UK of late.
The forecasters stating this is best we have enjoyed at these temperatures, for over seventeen years? Apparently?

Our sun itself truly is amazing! It’s mere presence in the skies above us, seems to bring out the best in people’s attitudes. In general, people seem, and act, more pleasantly. Spontaneous fun and laughter, even seem more forthcoming?

Then comes life’s little pleasures. Such as sitting outdoors until sun sets, drinking tea or coffee, even sharing our favourite foods!
For some, a treasured book to read, or for others their favourite newspaper or magazine is such a treat! If you are out and about, the pleasure of selecting a special table at which you choose to sit. Then relaxing and enjoying either our own company, or in the best scenario, the company of true friends.

It is a sad fact however, that despite the many health warnings, we are constantly bombarded with, we are still a nation of sun worshipers!
We brits do tend to utilise every last drop of warmth which the sun has to offer. Secure in the knowledge that such pleasures for us, are generally short lived.

Inevitably, these halcyon days are all to frequently preceded by gloom laden forecasts of light rains and drizzle. Of dropping temperatures, and of the prospect of facing long, cold, darker days ahead!

“So for now, let’s enjoy it while we can. It’s qualities alone, ensure, that as photographers we are guaranteed some quality images. Each one offering a unique, and very individual distribution of light and shade”

4 thoughts on ““The days last Rays”

  1. They are searching the sun and here (in Madrid) we have 32ΒΊ and are praying for a shadow with a little blow of wind.
    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Good shot Bob, the shadows and the lights looks very well in the frame, nice work

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