I had been taking a walk through the village of Emsworth hoping to find some interesting images to capture.
As I turned between two of the beautiful old character buildings to my left, and headed back toward the main high street. I was really surprised to see this tiny little girl, striding purposefully along the pavement in front of me.

As a parent and now a grand parent I probably feel more anxious than I should these days. Especially for the understanding of road sense for one so small?

However, I then view this vehicle approaching her, and will admit to swallowing a little harder.

I have attended far to many road traffic accidents in my time, many involving little children. And yes, I suppose when you are in this line of work, it has a tendency to make you over compensate, certainly in terms of road safety, and of minimising risk?

In this instance however, all was well, and this little girl remained firmly on the pavement as the vehicle passed her by.

Maybe it is just me? But, little kids, and busy roads. still make make me very nervous.

2 thoughts on ““Un-Supervised?”

    • Hello there. Not sure if my last reply got to you? Just wanted to say thank you for commenting and liking my work. Also, to say that I have now visited your blog. Having seen your own work, I am even more appreciative.
      Keep in touch my friend

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