“Bus Stop”

Don’t really know why, but I always smile when I look at this shot?

It was taken in the town shopping centre of New Milton.

Images like these are like a gift to me as a street photographer.
For there, directly in front of me, with there shopping bags brimming, sat these five elderly ladies. All awaiting the arrival of their bus.

What I loved though, was the fact that they were mostly all engaged in conversation, except for the lady on far right of the bench, who was reading quietly away.

It looked to me like this was most probably a weekly visit for these ladies. One where they all got together, stocked up with a few bargain buys, and shared humour and conversation.

On downloading this image, I decided to leave the slightly jaunty angle of the wall behind them.
I thought it somehow complimented the light hearted style of the image?

Here in U.K. We are renowned for our queuing.
Usually in a straight line. Often reading the paper, or looking constantly at our wrist watches? Or checking the bus timetable information.

Indeed, it is deemed bad practice, to ever try and jump your place in the queue! And certainly ever to be be seen pushing forward, especially when alighting the bus!

For these ladies however, such rules simply did not apply.

For no sooner had I crossed over the road to grab this photograph, than their bus duly arrived. And it was on time!

Slowly, each lady got up from her place on the bench, gathered up their shopping, then smiling and laughing with one another, they headed towards the awaiting transport.

Patiently, and in an orderly fashion, each one then stepped up onto the platform, paid the driver their fare, and took time to help each other with their heavier bags.

There are some amazing elderly people, whose politeness and good manners, set such a good example.

These five fine ladies were no exception, and demonstrated these qualities and more, in abundance.
It’s a shame that we don’t seem to hear them so much anymore.

After all, a smile and a pleasant demeanour, still goes a long long way.

4 thoughts on ““Bus Stop”

    • Now that’s what you call a visionary! Wouldn’t it be amazing to do just that, and then share it with them all? Hope you are well my friend. Thanks for your visit Bob

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