“Crashed and Burned”

Today was one of those Sundays when I tend to listen to local radio in the car as I drive over to visit my dear old Mum.

The drive in itself isn’t far, and the chance just to see her, and to share a cup of tea with her, is always a welcome distraction. Particularly from my usual Sunday chores!

After an hour or so of us chatting and catching up with things, I then said my goodbyes.
Fully intending of course, to return home again directly.

However, the radio crackled, and announced that in Southsea this very day, they were holding the annual gathering of V-Dubs, from all over the South! They also mentioned some classic bikes and cars would also to be in attendance.
Strangely, but from that point, try as I might, the car just wouldn’t head in the direction of home.
Instead it insisted on driving into Southsea, where I soon found myself parking up and walking towards this event!

Well….. what a gathering it was!
I shall hopefully be endeavouring to put some shots up soon, so that you can judge for yourselves.

The sunshine has continued to grace us with it’s welcome presence here in Portsmouth, and consequently Southsea common was packed with hundreds of V-Dub fans, local families, and many aficionados.

The vehicles were stunning. All in line, all shining brightly.
Imaginative picnic spreads had all been laid out on top of fresh linen table cloths, and were busily being enjoyed by many hungry drivers.

The various stall holders, selling motor car memorabilia, seemed to be doing a roaring trade. Even the local Emergency services were in attendance.
Many of whom were tucking into the German Sausages on offer. Served up in a fresh Roll, complete with all the trimmings.

All in all, this was a very well organised, colourfully vibrant, musical gathering.

Everyone was joyful and relaxed, and engaging in lots of friendly chat and banter, no matter where you were walking today.

All, except for this little lad, who had gone past the relaxed, friendly stage, and instead gone for the ‘Crashed and Burned’ phase! There he lay, in his little custom built buggy. Sound asleep. and completely oblivious to anything going on around him.
He certainly looked comfortable no more walking for him for a bit.
But, hey. When your small, and it’s time for your afternoon nap. Then it’s time for your afternoon nap…… end of!

2 thoughts on ““Crashed and Burned”

    • Now wouldn’t that be neat Bill? Maybe if the lotto ever comes up, I might just book us each one? Nice of you to comment on the photograph, thank you. Bob

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