Having worked with young people for years now, I still love to see those individuals who stand out from the crowd!

The bold ones. The ones who can demonstrate and display the confidence they have about themselves, and about their appearance.

This young woman, is definitely, one such person.

The photograph looked to me like she was maybe trying to explain to her mum, the reasons why she had decided on yet another ear piercing! And that she was really fed up having to explain herself?

Saying something to the effect “I swear down, and I’m not even joking, ma girls is all bear jarring me, YOLO man YOLO!”

Don’t you just love the street slang ting?

Personally, I thought she looked amazing! And, although she may well have been one of the many young people who does speak like they was born and raised in Jamaica?
She is more than likely one of our regular homegrown Hampshire girls.

However, when I say regular, she is actually far from it. Her image and her ‘Out there’ fashion statements……. were then, and indeed remain so now…… Highly memorable!

Respect young lady. Respect!

7 thoughts on ““YOLO mum YOLO”

  1. Nice pic with a great B&W.
    But …….. can you explain for me the meaning of “”ā€œI swear down, and Iā€™m not even joking, ma girls is all bear jarring me, YOLO man YOLO!ā€””
    I cant understand the expresions ……… “all bear jarring me” and “YOLO man YOLO”
    Sorry for my bad english mate.

    • Hello there my friend
      I don’t expect you to understand this slang anymore than I do If I’m honest!
      But this is the language of the street in many parts of UK. Well for the kids at least!
      Briefly, my interpretation would be along the lines: “The truth is, and I am not joking, my girlfiends are all really annoying me! After all, You only live once!

      Sent from my iPad

    • Sorry that last reply posted off earlier than I intended! Hope that you can make sense of it now? It certainly isn’t anything to do with your English I can assure you of that.
      Thank you for your kind comments
      Keep in touch

      Ps. YOLO

      Sent from my iPad

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