“Hirsute Grandma goes Crabbing”

Thought this image might raise a smile? This intense moment was captured at the Canoe lake in Southsea.

The little girl was completely focused on one task…….Catching a crab. I watched as she stared intently into the lake beneath. Sensibly wearing her little floppy sun hat, she seemed to be mentally willing even the smallest twitch or movement to her well placed crabbing line.

It was somewhat reminiscent of watching a very scary episode of ‘River Monsters.” Well almost!

However, despite her best levels of skill and mental ability, there didn’t seem to be very much activity going on at all. At least not whilst I was busy snapping this image.

But it truly was the ‘hirsute’ grandmother, who without doubt, made this image for me.

Perhaps it was her somewhat unintentional strange appearance that day, which was actually deterring any potential catches?

After all. Could you imagine any respectable crustacean, nipping onto a slice of bacon, then emerging from the murky depths to be confronted by grandma and her dodgy Ray Bans?

Just priceless!

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