“Heavy Shopping”

It was Sunday and I was heading towards ‘The White Horse’ public house, to treat myself to a pint of their finest. I was just enjoying the day really!

Ahead, I noticed, walking towards me, this stunningly dressed mother and her young daughter carrying back their heavy shopping.

The monochrome maxi dress which the mother was wearing, really made her stand out!
This,coupled with her really stylish hair, in my opinion at least, she could easily have passed for a model!

Shopping is a undoubtedly a necessary evil, and for me, not the most pleasurable of pass times.
However, picking up your provisions for the week, for some, is made that much easier, if one has the luxury of a car?

For many though, when you have to physically carry your purchases….. well now, that’s a whole different experience! Because, try as you may. Those stupid, cheap, flimsy plastic handles, on the bags that supermarkets provide, just stretch and stretch, from the weight of the produce.
Eventually becoming like a shoelace in your hand, they then proceed to shut off any blood supply to your aching cold fingers. Then ultimately, they simply decide to tear apart, leaving the carrier with just one remaining handle, and a lop sided shopping bag? Or worse scenario, your eggs and sausages are deposited all over the pavement!

Fortunately, I do have a car, and even more thankfully I rarely ever have to go shopping (thanks to my lovely wife) and so I really did feel for them both.

I will even admit to feeling slightly guilty as I strolled past them, carrying nothing more than my camera.

Further on I glanced behind me, only to see them having crossed over the main road ahead walking on. Obviously they both still appeared to have some distance to go?

Arriving at the pub, I bought myself a drink, and I raised my glass, to those two lovely ladies.
My toast was to thank them for my capture, and that they were hopefully back home, with their feet up and the kettle on?

Cheers ladies!

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