“We’re Bored now”

Another snap from the V-Dub gathering last weekend!

As most participants attending, would have had travel from a variety of distances, many would have had a very early start indeed!

Consequently, by the time I had got there, it was almost mid-day, and much of the enthusiasm from the enthusiasts, was beginning to subside!

I liked this particular image, as I felt that it demonstrated this predicament clearly. The father and son are looking over at something which has caught there eye, whilst the person inside the van is on their mobile phone. The two girls in front of shot though are without doubt, utterly bored with it all!

This is not meant to be a negative reflection on these good people themselves, or indeed of the actual event.

It is just that when such events are planned in advance, we tend to build up our hopes and expectations as the day draws ever closer.

However, once the big day has finally arrived, we usually select our spot, set ourselves up, maybe take a look around, then have some breakfast on site?
But then what?

If we are lucky, then we might get to share some banter with the public for a while. Even meet up with some old friends and share a drink?
Or basically just chill, and take in the sights?

From personal experience, I know just how difficult it is to keep everyone interested and amused!
Sadly though, once the boredom factor sets in, it can be the beginning of a long and often very arduous day!

For these good people however, hopefully, this image was only temporary in nature?

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