“Jam Session”

Caught the last couple of numbers which these young musicians were playing in the village of Emsworth. One young fellah had even managed to purloin a bar stool somehow, and was happily sat barefoot tapping out the beat.

I love live entertainment, and to be reminded that genuine talent is still alive and well!

The boys managed to create quite an audience when this photograph was taken, and pretty soon many of those gathered also soon began tapping their feet to the music. They became part of it, all magically caught up in the vibe.

Live music can prove to be such a powerful medium, and when this kind of spontaneous event happens, particularly in a small village, then it noticeably brightens peoples day.
Music in general, tends to raise a few smiles, it gets people clapping along, and best of all, it lifts the spirits!

So although they weren’t around for long that day, the music they played was excellent, their harmonies tight, and there attitude, very endearing.

I thought they all looked and indeed sounded, very professional.

So thank you lads, for brightening up what would have been an otherwise routine visit to the shops for me.

Most enjoyable!

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