“Fun with the son”

The sun shone bright for a while down at Gunwharf. So for me, this meant the usual procedure.
Namely, a strong coffee, followed by a little spot of people watching.

I couldn’t help but to notice this Dad who was really having a brilliant time playing chase with his little boy.

In my experience, It is usually a cast iron opportunity for a picture, when Dads and sons, get together.
Fortunately this occasion was to prove no exception.

I particularly liked the real laughter, and the happiness in the expression on this little boys face, which became even more expressive as his Dad put aside any inhibitions he may have been harbouring, and brilliantly acted out the role of duty monster!

The family in the background were equally enjoying the spectacle before them, and the smiles on their faces depict this, only too well.

Strangely, most kids do love to be a bit frightened! Often, the more you scare them with your monster sounds…….the better they seem to like it?

By nature, Dads are natural torments! They like nothing more than winding up their sons or daughters, in the hope that they will get the desired reaction!

However, be under no illusion. This is a skill passed down through the generations.
One where each Dad really has to learn to be able to detect the precise moment, where the fun ends……and tears commence!

Because if they judge this incorrectly, this inevitably means a tongue lashing from their partner, or indeed the grand mother, or even both!

This serves to reinforce to them, that enough is enough! Meaning that it is most definitely………game over!

Luckily though for these two at least, there was still a ways to go before the line was crossed!

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