“A Mothers Love”

Me and the camera took a long walk today.

The hot sun still very evident, and was gifting all of it’s earthly followers, life enhancing powers!

It is still summer holidays for school children here in U.K. So it followed suit that, the many families, groups of young people, and visiting tourists were determined to make the most, of this glorious hot spell!

As for the school age children, this was an even more precious time!
For in a couple more weeks, their regular ‘lie-ins’ and ‘easy life’ attitudes…. would abruptly end. As then, they would return to the relentless structure, and predictable monotony, of the school syllabus?

Now it’s a decent walk from South parade pier across to Clarence pier, so on my way I had decided a walk through the fun fair might be on the cards.

Sure enough, having snapped a few images en-route, for review later that evening, I found myself standing alongside the hover travel booking office. Literally only yards from the fun fair.

Even here, the timing proved perfect. In front of me the hovercraft was just lifting up her skirt, and turning into the surf.
Like a mistral, it drew up the small shingle pieces from the beach, and hurling them skyward, in a loud noisy haze of salt and sea spray!

Entering the fair, the vendors selling their hot dogs, burgers, candy floss and doughnuts, were doing a roaring trade!

As people hurried passed me cradling their bags of chips. The heady smell of malted chip shop vinegar, pervaded my nostrils.

Then, in the midst of this noise, and the crowds. Through ear piercing screams from the sky rides.
I saw this little lad, enjoying a moment away from his brothers and sisters, simply having a hug with his Mum.

I thought that it made a real contrast, from the hectic pace of life, which was going on all around them?

I like that I was close enough for the mother to look up. Also for me to catch a hesitant, curious glance from the little lad himself, as he tried hard to tuck himself under her arm and away from the interruption.

You just can’t beat a Mothers love………
No matter how old you are!

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