“My Hundredth Blog”

Well…….who would have believed it!

I have actually arrived at my one hundredth blog.

Ta Dah!!

I feel as if I should be getting a telegram from ‘Her Majesty’ not that she has probably ever seen any of my work?
Or maybe, I should have a little ‘fan fair’ when anyone opens up my blog page to view?

Also, I struggled over which photograph I should use today, in order that I might mark this momentous milestone in my blogging journey!

Well this is my most up to date photo, it was taken yesterday.
And to me, it shows four of Pompey’s real characters all chilling down town.
Their beautiful little ‘Staffie dog’ was an additional bonus!

Commercial Road is never a disappointment if you are looking for images.
It’s busy, it’s interesting, it’s vibrant, and its raw!

Anyway, I digress!

So….. as this is my one hundredth blog!!
I thought maybe a brief speech might be appropriate?
But then I thought …….Nah!!
That would be thought over pretentious?

Then I looked again at this photograph, and thought to myself………..

“Now Bob, the whole reason you have achieved any recognition with your blog. Is solely due, to all the amazing bloggers you have been fortunate enough to meet, on line”

Being brought back down to earth, I immediately went off that telegram from ‘Her Madge’ Oh and I cancelled the ‘Fan fair idea’

Instead I have decided to dedicate this special entry to all the beautiful and encouraging friends out there.

Guys, you are amazing, and I thank you for all your advice, kindness, and willing professional support!

Just check out the name on the shop front in the photograph.

It should serve as a reminder to any new bloggers starting out!

“After all. Where would any of us be, without each other?”

“Here’s to the next 100”

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