“Time and Tide”

This must be one of the many favourite spots along the 3 miles or so, that is Southsea Seafront?

And it is where many people often come, just to sit a while looking out to sea. Reflecting in their own very personal thoughts.

I personally often come down here. I love looking out over the Solent past the ancient forts, and out towards the Isle of Wight. This is sometimes made all the more special, when on a clear day, you can actually see the twin church spires over at Ryde.

We have an incredibly busy shipping lane, and this always offers something for any interested observers to enjoy.
With major links to France and Spain. The traffic on the water is close, so close in fact, you can even see the crew on board the many large ships and ferries which all sail majestically by.
Each on their regular selected routes in and out of Portsmouth harbour.

It’s also located close to Southsea Castle, The D-Day Museum, and the ever popular Sea-Life Centre. So consequently there are usually hordes of young people enjoying everything on offer particularly during the hot weather.

And it is also here…. in this very vicinity, that you can savour, possibly some of the best fish and chips, for miles around………Bonus or what?

It attracts a wide variety of age groups, and they all seem to rub along together, each with their own particular interest, and idea of fun.

For the people in this shot, the joy of a hot drink and a sandwich, whilst soaking in the vista, is all that is required for them!

We are indeed very lucky to have such facilities on our doorstep! To be able to take ourselves off at a moments notice and breath in good clean fresh sea air.

Often, when things like this are so close we don’t utilise them as often as we should, or worse still they are taken for granted?

I recommend everyone take advantage of their particular surroundings.

After all, as the saying goes…….’Time and Tide’ waits for no man!

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