Feeling the need for a bit of exercise, I spent the morning out on the bike.

Yes…..I decided to take a cycle ride over to Hayling Island.

Now then, speaking purely as an recreational cyclist. It is never easy negotiating narrow roads, or indeed avoiding impatient drivers! In fact, I would go as far as to say, it’s can be quite nerve racking, and stressful!

However, I have learned to take the tracks less travelled, and have found a few little short cuts. This means I still get to take in the scenery, but avoid the traffic mayhem!

Having ridden the length of the seafront, I had stopped off to take a few images of the people on the rides at the fun fair. This attraction is open nearly all year round.

In photography terms, it’s a place where you can easily blend in. Or, should you so choose, you can just secrete yourself away.

Then, if you are really lucky? You might get to snap some real keepers!

Anyway, having spent a while there, capturing a few images, which I was looking forward to reviewing at a later stage, I walked over to unlock my bike off the rails.

I was just about to return my camera to my back pack, when I saw this guys amazing face! He was just sat down chatting to a friend.

What drew my attention to him though, was his totally relaxed demeanour. He truthfully seemed so happy and content within himself!

I truly believe, some people are ‘spiritual’ and that being around them, often brings about calming and reassuring effects to your well being?

This ‘Rasta’ gentleman was one such person.

Directly after the photograph was taken he glanced over in my direction.

Then touching his forehead with the first finger of his right hand, he pointed over to me and gave a cheerful laugh.

I then raised my thumb to acknowledge him.

Still smiling broadly, he then returned the gesture.

I like to capture interesting faces. Especially faces that have a friendliness, and a warmth about them?

I felt very pleased to have got this shot, and I sensed he enjoyed a wonderful attitude and approach to life.

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