“Window Shopping”

This is Chichester. Here are some people out shopping. But wait……Where has the Sun gone?
It’s Bank Holiday Weekend for goodness sake!

Oh, of course….. It’s par for the course here in UK, that the weather will inevitably throw a tantrum and change for the worse!

Just when you were planning your picnic outing,
or maybe a visit to one of the many attractions, occurring here in the fair city of Portsmouth.

Events such as, the Kite Festival. Or the massive annual Scooter Rally being held on the Isle of Wight this weekend!
Guess what the forecast is. Yep, you are absolutely correct……Crap!

Or The Victorious Festival to be held at Portsmouth’s Historical Dockyard. The very home of Nelsons Flagship HMS Victory!
And the Weather forecast is……..Crap!

The Reading Festival!…… Same forecast!

I do feel sorry for all the people who have bought their tickets, and who have travelled so far to attend. They offer great support to these wonderful events.

Equally, I have such respect for all the organisers.

These people work tirelessly towards bringing days like these together!

So forget window shopping! Let’s all join hands and pray for the sun to return!

And even if our prayers aren’t answered. The British spirit will remain undaunted……… Whatever, the weather!

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