‘All Aboard the Ghost Train’

'All Aboard the Ghost Train'

I decided to pay a visit to the Kite festival yesterday on Southsea Common. This was despite my rant about the sudden decline in the grand weather we have all been enjoying!

As an added attraction for visitors, they had supplied a fun fair, and there was the opportunity to visit the Circus, which was also in the same arena.

Spoilt for choice, I decided to attempt some action shots…….Not a technique I would readily admit to feeling all that competent with!

However, after several failed attempts, I admitted defeat, and turned towards the flying kites.
They were stunning! The sky above was cloudy and atmospheric , and the wind was blowing strong. This took them high into the atmosphere, and made them look even more impressive!

Suddenly, and directly in my path, I noticed this beautiful little girl. In front of her, there was a large and very noisy ghost train ride. Standing on a platform, high above her little frame, they had placed an actor, in the role of the ‘Grim Reaper’
Armed with his enormous scythe, wearing a full black hooded cloak. And, sporting a ‘Scream mask. He menacingly beckoned children beneath him, to board the Ghost train!

And this photograph shows her initial response to this gesture!

I couldn’t help but to smile. What an expression? A mixture of sheer fear, and, unexpected surprise!

I continued to watch, as she stood there frozen to the spot.
Motionless….. Mesmerised!

Then with her little stare fixed and unshifting, she slowly backed up towards her waiting parents.

As they took her hand and headed out towards the Festival, she constantly glanced back over her little shoulder.

I just hope she wasn’t traumatised too much, by her very first experience of ‘The Ghost Train’

Bless her little heart!

9 thoughts on “‘All Aboard the Ghost Train’

    • Carissa. What can I say? Thank you so much for such kind comments. You are a lovely lady, and I am so glad you will be continuing to follow my blog. I of course will be doing exactly the same with yours! Hope you and the family and the pets, are all ok, after the smoke issue you went through? Best regards Bob

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      • Oh, we still have smoke. It’s going to be awhile before it goes away. The winds shifted a bit on Sunday afternoon and we were teased with some clearing and blue skies, but the smoke is back with a vengeance and looks to remain through Friday, at least.

        Needless to say, its starting to wear on all of us.

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