“Slow Service”

Just couldn’t resist this little impromptu shot……

I was over at Langstone today. I had just been looking around a little antique shop opposite this store. It’s a great little place to wander around, and the lady who looks after the shop is super friendly and approachable.
Always finding time to smile, and engage her customers as they enter the door.

However, in contrast to this shop proprietor’s well received attention. Directly opposite, I saw this somewhat apprehensive customer. She was standing outside what I think was a pharmacy?

As she was about to enter the shop, I thought the skeleton, standing inside the window, looked to all intents and purposes, like a long neglected male customer? One who was trying to warn her that the service there, was really really slow!

I’ve not much more to add, except to say, that I am fully aware that I have referred to this particular skeleton, as being a male? Although in truth, I simply cannot verify this as being fact!

However. If this were indeed a male? Maybe it would be one who hated shopping? (like me) And was left gazing out of the shops window, patiently awaiting the return of his partner?

In hindsight though, there is absolutely no chance it could have been female! Because if it were. She would have already challenged and chastised the staff about their awful customer relations. She would have left there in disgust, and would already be some distance away, sitting down, drinking extra strong coffee and cooling off!

Mind you…..that’s speculative and purely hypothetical!

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