“Blonde Moment”

Bonus!! Completely free day today for me!
All mine. And to do with exactly as I pleased.

My wife had arranged to go out for lunch today with her best friend. So I loaded up the bike and packed some water and a snack into my back pack. Then without further ado…..I was headed for the sunshine, that is Lee on Solent!

Well at least it nearly is?

Anyway, I was lucky enough to catch the best of the weather, as I started my ride from Fareham town centre. I rode right through to Gosport Marina, then along the sea front and into Lee on Solent.

On arrival I will admit to feeling quietly smug having covered a few more road miles, than I had previously intended.

And so….. As a reward, for all of this additional energy expenditure. I leaned my bike against the wall outside my favourite cafe/bar. Then ordering up an ice cold bottle of ‘Corona’ beer with the obligatory slice of lime. I sat back on the comfortable cushioned rattan seating, and just watched the day, go rolling by.

After this unusual indulgent episode for me…..cough , cough! I turned towards home, having decided to pop into Portchester village on my return.

I needed to get some cash from the ‘Hole in the Wall’ and so made this my first stop!

I had literally just retrieved my money, when I turned to observe the stunning lady in my shot.

Wearing her cool white linen dress, and white sandals, sporting a mass of very blonde hair. This lady most certainly stood out from the crowd!

The light, at this particular time of the day, I felt, was complimentary? Also, she was totally distracted in answering her mobile phone.
So, in the middle of the busy precinct, I took this shot.

This…… I then thought quietly to myself. Must be what people mean, when they refer to having just had, a ‘Blonde Moment?”

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