“In Love”

This photograph was taken just alongside the Portsmouth ‘D-Day Museum’

This is a hugely respected and frequently visited attraction.
Offering interest and appeal to both ex-service men and women, as well as to a wide and varied range of age groups.

Outside the building, and alongside the two old decommissioned world war tanks, there stands a statue by Vivien Mallock. A hugely gifted sculptor, who was commissioned by Portsmouth City Council.

This beautiful statue, poignantly depicts a young soldier from World War Two. He is sitting on an old jerry can contemplating a letter in one hand, whilst cradling a rifle in the other.

It is an image I am always moved by, every time I visit. Made all the more emotive as it is cast in bronze, and is life size. His face though, depicts the most incredible sadness.

Surprisingly, many people often just walk past this amazing image. But, for those who stop, there is a the promise of a lasting impression!

Sometimes, if we are lucky in this life, we might meet someone who leaves such a lasting impression? Often this can occur the very first time we ever set eyes upon them? We are inexplicably drawn?
Readily offering to them, a promise of unconditional love. We seem to exist, only to be close to them. To listen to their laughter, or to enjoy the wonder of their smile?

For this young couple pictured here. This was definitely such a time!

To my mind, they are both very much ‘In Love’

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    • Thank you so much for those encouraging comments! I very much appreciate them. Since you have mentioned it……I think you should put a photograph up onto your blog of your hair in the sixties my friend? Bob Sent from my iPad

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