“I’ll be Back”

Now then!

Do any of you slightly older bloggers, ever recall those advertisements promoting body builder training?

In essence, there was a newspaper advert which featured a rather spindly guy. He was sitting on the beach next to a lovely young lady.
There they were, talking and smiling together, lying on their beach towels. When along strolls this big muscular bully character, who kicks sand into the face of the smaller less muscular guy!

Anyway,…..Cutting to the chase!

It then recommends to the reader that they complete the ‘Charles Atlas’ body building course, This way, they would never again have sand kicked in their face.
And, you could easily defeat that bully, and win the complete admiration of the girl!

Well, this was the advert which came to mind today, albeit fleetingly, as I scanned the beach, for that elusive photo opportunity.

First, I thought I might reposition myself and take this shot from a slightly different angle?
Maybe, facing him?

Then I thought……….Nah!

So instead, I opted for the safer option and captured the image you see before you.

I know….. I know!
None of us should judge a book by it’s cover?

However, I felt in this particular instance perhaps that wasn’t necessarily the most helpful piece of advice to adhere to?

In fact, the more I looked at this person through my view finder, and the more I focused in. The more I was reminded of a dastardly Bond villain, or some indestructible entity, slowly emerging from the ground beneath?

Having said all of that, this was obviously a gentleman who takes care of himself, and for whom physical fitness, is a way of life.

Whatever the case….. I have since signed up for that body building course!

And I can tell you all now! The next time he sees me!
I shall be standing directly in front of him!

Oh yes indeed!

And what’s more. I shall be laughing loudly, as I take his picture.

However, if he should then decide to kick sand in my face
(or in this case, beach pebbles!)
I will more than likely be submitting my next blog, from the confines of intensive care, I would imagine?

BUT, trust me……”I’ll be Back!”

8 thoughts on ““I’ll be Back”

    • I am sure you know that the text was my attempt at humour?
      Your tattoos however are phenomenal!
      I used to train door security staff and police in another life, so have seen my fair share of body art.
      None though quite as outstanding as your own.
      Thank you so much for your kind words my friend!

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