“Poll Position”

Once again, I found myself down by the sea today. My camera at the ready.

Summer seems to be holding out for us here in Portsmouth, and the kids are but a week away from returning to their respective schools.

New uniforms have been bought and paid for. Some being slightly larger than the young people wearing them admittedly? But hey…….. they will soon grow into them right?

Shiny new lunch boxes stand ready. Squeaky clean new shoes wait in line, each highly polished.

And so very very soon now…….Nearly all traces of your children’s previous holiday ‘persona’ Will have been temporarily erased?

Yes. Reality is about to strike home!

And pity those late risers. For severe shock syndrome will set in! As each adjusts to being awoken……Oh so early!

However. That will come soon enough. But for now… This is still their time.

For these young kids in the photograph, today was not about returning to school. No! It was all about sheer grit and determination.
They were far too busy today ‘eking out’ any remains of the free time remaining, by competing in this vital race!
Each, on their little skate boards.

You really do have to admire, the steely determination, in the eyes of the young girl in ‘poll position’

Sadly, summer will soon become a memory for us all. Which is why times like these, for the young and carefree, are so, so precious?

I love how kids, when left to their own devices, and without any parental intervention or advice. Just organise themselves. They seem to instinctively develop a natural order in their play.

But……..be under no illusion! This is a ‘real’ race. And winning. Is everything!

The little boy with his tongue poking out towards the back, made me smile. an Absolutely essential technique of course, for maintaining focus and concentration!

Five little friends…….One concrete incline….. Five skateboards…….A winner takes all race.


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