“Babes……..Could you answer it please?”

This is a ‘Splash Park’ here in Southsea. It is a free facility, and is a terrific attraction for Mums, Dads, Grandparents. Indeed for anyone, who might be looking to find a safe, and well supervised venue, in which to spend a fun hour or two with their kids.

We occasionally take advantage of this, and we take our youngest Grandchild ‘Beau’ there.
Sometimes we spend the whole morning just watching him splash around, often making new friends into the bargain.
Reassuringly, we know that he can’t get into too much difficulty here, and, he is in a gated enclosure, therefore away from any traffic, or busy main roads!

It would be fair to say Beau absolutely loves the water!

And although it can get a bit hectic down there. Particularly during the school holiday period! It is none the less, a superb location.

And with money always being an issue, particularly when it comes to entertaining little ones. The fact that this offers visitors guaranteed fun……. is commendable!

This particular day, Beau had been wearing his new highly fashionable swim pants.
And after only a ‘brief time’ in the water, (pardon the pun?) These were soon heavy with retained water, and weighing him down!
This however, seemed to be of little concern to him, and by this point, he had adopted a ‘John Wayne’ walk and looked really hilarious plodding around the shallows.

Anyway, as I was shooting a few photos for keepsakes, I heard a mobile phone ringing out!
Looking in the general direction of the sound, I turned the camera lens towards these young mothers.

It appeared that the lady to the left in the photograph, wearing those pretty outstanding, ‘freshly painted, rainbow coloured nails’ was staring intently at the active call screen image, on the mobile phone in her left hand

As it continued to ring, her concerned friend looked on. By now, showing equal concern for this sudden nail art dilemma which had befallen them!

I imagined then, that she might have been asking her….. Somewhat anxiously!

“Babes…….Could you answer it please?”

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