“Hokey Pokey”

This fine weather seems to have brought out a whole new sporting fraternity to Southsea.

In fact, everywhere you look. From early morning, right up until sundown, there are people out jogging with their headphones wrapped around their heads!
Or circuit training, utilising the many steps and steep grassy inclines, which are available in abundance.

Many are kayaking, or weight training, or playing tennis.
Whilst others, are more than content, just enjoying the more sedate game of bowls?

For these lads in my photograph however, this was their strict pre- match ‘warm up’. As they all lined up, they were given their instruction via the team captain.

Dutifully, they stretched and warmed their muscles and joints, all in preparation for the imminent kick off.

This is of course absolutely, the correct approach.
One which will increase match performance, and more importantly, decrease the likely hood of injury.

What with the recent high profile signing of Gareth Bale over to Real Madrid for 86k one should never take for granted, the importance of such physical fitness regimes?

To the casual observer though, such as myself. This did bring to mind, momentarily at least, the similarities with the famous ‘Hokey Pokey’ dance routine?

But c’mon. Really………..”Is that what it’s all about?”

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