“Trumpet Call”

It’s the village of Petersfield, and it’s Market Day.

For me, this is always a favourite place to visit. I often pop over here when time allows, I like to check out a few of the little charity shops here.

I have had some very profitable finds here in the past. So there’s my incentive? A great out of town venue. At least I think it is anyway!

There is nothing remarkable about Petersfield. And yet, at the same time, it does hold a certain appeal.

There are the usual street collectors in evidence here. Then the little lady wearing her bright red head scarf, who always seems to be there? Politely smiling at each of the shoppers, her left arm loaded up with ‘Big Issue’ publications, she tirelessly invites you to buy!

Now and again though, you do get some excellent musicians, and street performers.
This young guy always arrives early, in an effort to secure the best pitch.
Acoustics taken into account of course!

He then sets up his portable amp, opens up his collection bag, lines up his CDs, flips his cap backwards on his head. And then! Well then, he commences to faultlessly play his unique medley of popular tunes.
He seems a very nice guy, with a natural musical talent. And, he is blessed with that ‘like ability’ factor.

So when I am strolling around Petersfield, and I hear the ‘Trumpet Call’ I make a point of grabbing my seat in the cafe opposite his pitch, and listening in.

The trumpet…….when played properly you know. Really can be a joy to the ears.

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