“Voodoo Train”

Every Saturday there is a boot sale held in Strawberry Fields very near my home.

One elderly entrepreneur, spends a couple of hours bringing joy and laughter to many whining, totally fed up, and bored children.
But, in doing so, he raises himself a serious ‘bit of bunce’ into the bargain!

This rather imaginative initiative, seen in the photograph above, allows many stressed out parents the opportunity to gratefully part with a 50 pence piece, to cheerfully plonk their whinging siblings into an old upturned plastic barrel on wheels.

Thus guaranteeing them adequate time to partake in a tea or coffee!

This amazing adapted carriage, into which they have just deposited their youngsters, comes complete with one rather uncomfortable old wooden seat, and at no additional expenditure, a mounted ‘spin around’ steering wheel!

Each barrel is linked by means of a coupling, and these in turn are consequently then all pulled at a fair pace I might add…..by the lead tractor unit.

This can then be visually tracked by any concerned parents, as it bombs about the perimeter of the large open fields, loaded with the kids.

Every now and then, at the instruction of their exuberant tractor driver, you will see them all raising their arms, and screaming in the sheer delight. Suitably elated at the absolute fun of this white knuckle ride!

Just Brilliant!

Such a simple idea? But one which brings huge enjoyment, to all who choose to chance the chaos, that is…….’The Voodoo Train’

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