I recently visited a beautiful little place called Hamble village.
It has the most amazing views from around the harbour, with stunning olde world pubs.

Narrow roads run from it’s main car park, and wind down hill. Passing the little specialist shops, cafes, and sweet little cottage style dwellings. Each uniquely different in style and colour.

You can explore the old church, walk the shoreline, or simply eat ice cream whilst you take in the sights.

There is a small cafeteria here, should you wish to share a delicious cream tea, or a plate of piping hot soup, or even sample one of the many home made cakes and sponges?

So, having myself just spent an enjoyable hour savouring a refreshing pint of apple cider.
Relishing that certain self satisfaction, gained purely through idly relaxing outside in clean fresh air? All this, whilst being comfortably bathed in the natural shades, provided by the foliage, of a well tended pub garden.

Relaxation over, I decided to take a slightly different route back to the main car park.
Fortuitously, I happened to stumble upon these two friends.

They were playing ‘touch chase’ and so I took the opportunity to snap this image. Hopefully, it captures some of the excitement expressed in their faces. Genuine happiness, generated through such a simple old playground game!

More and more, we here about our children’s issues with obesity, brought about, they tell us, through a lack in provision, of local play facilities?

Personally, I would like to see more parents spending more time enjoying time outside with their children.

Maybe placing less emphasis on them ogling iPads and computers? And a little more on motivating them as their parent or carer, to do a bit more together?

Now I do appreciate that this is often, easier said than done these days?
And, that money inevitably plays a major factor!

Truthfully though. The main things children thrive on, in my personal opinion at least! Are healthy inquisitive imaginations. The provision of good clear boundaries. The reassurance of your unconditional love?

And…….The immeasurable benefit of having really good solid friendships!

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