“Last of the Summer”

Southsea…..And the Sun continues to shine on us!
And for this little brother and sister, life really couldn’t be better!

After having just enjoyed the best day out ever with their Mum. They are now being treated to an ice cream each.
“This will keep them happy”, thinks their Mum, sitting down to join them at the kerbside cafe table. Sipping her coffee, and kicking off her shoes, hoping for just five minutes peace and quiet from the kids?

In my own experience. Usually when the weather is hot, and the ice cream is cold. Little hands usually hold tightly, this prized possession?
Then little mouths try frantically to consume as much as possible, and as quickly as possible?

The real skill here, is to do so, without losing the main contents of your cone. But the ice cream melts faster than most kids can lick.
They struggle to catch any which is running down into the creases of their hand. Often though, they will then turn the whole thing upside down, in an effort to assist the process, and plop! There on the pavement at the child’s feet, lie the contents of their cone. Splattered, in the warm sunshine.

Despite your best efforts, the child is devastated, heartbroken, even!
And from that moment on…….. it’s all tantrums, tissues, and tears.

In this photograph however, all seems well. I just love how the little girl is relishing hers. Whilst her brother, who has already eaten much more of his, is looking forward in anticipation, to the next tasty lick.

Yes, ice cream can be messy! And at times even traumatic!
But do you know what? If it brings our kids this much enjoyment, then surely…..it simply has to be worth it? Just look at these little faces!

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!”

Especially the last of the Summer!

2 thoughts on ““Last of the Summer”

  1. Awesome shot! The story is so true and sad for the kids. Fortunately it’s something we can really get a laugh out of once we grow up! 🙂

    And thank you for stopping by my blog. Appreciated!

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