“Village Pump “

This has to be one of my favourite shots.

I took it some time ago, at the ‘original venue’ for a folk festival, which we as a family, used to look forward to attending every year.

Known as ‘The Village Pump Folk Festival’ it boasted a variety of International artists, and was always safe, and totally family focused.

The venue was ‘Stowford Manor Farm’ A family run business, which was situated in the beautiful Frome valley.

The farm traditionally bred Jersey milking cows, and their were community workshops, all of which were attended by local craftsmen.

And an added bonus, were it needed. We were situated within easy reach of the beautiful Georgian City of Bath, and of Longleat House.

Although now sadly relocated. This years festival billing saw bands and individual acts, such as the Proclaimers, Kate Rusby, Eric Bibb, and the Tannahill Weavers, to name but a few!

That said……I do still hark back to those good old days. Days when we would all excitedly arrange to meet up with our great friends from Plymouth. Whose friendship we are still fortunate enough to enjoy to this present day.

Anyway, whoever got on the site first, would try to secure places using tape, or blankets or whatever came to hand!
Then, on everyone else arriving, our caravans and tents would then be placed in a generous circle. Within this circle we would spend quality time, laughing and talking, reading the programme and planning our days together. We shared absolutely everything! we would sing, drink and play our instruments long into the night, sitting wrapped in blankets, around a small warming camp fire.

The evenings were always cool, but the days, were the total opposite. The sun was often just too hot.
You could however, take the smaller kids, and paddle with them, by the old mill wheel. Or alternatively, like the people in this shot, you could bathe and dive in the slightly deeper section of River. Which pleasingly, ran throughout the whole camp site.

In my eyes, this shot really seemed to capture that time and the sheer fun and pleasure this event brought about?

The organisers of this incredible festival, truly deserve full credit for all of the amazing work which they have done over many years, and indeed still continue to do, to this day!

These were great times, spent with great people, and have left wonderful memories!

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