“No….you see him off?”

I was in the town of Eastleigh recently, where I had arranged to meet friends for a drink.

Taking the short walk from the car park and through the bus station, I chanced upon this young guy and his dog.
Initially, the dog was acting incredibly brave, and decided to adopt his very best “See him off posture! “Then, looking his fiercest, he would growl and bark menacingly as I drew nearer to the pair.

Trouble was, the closer I got. The further he would then retreat!
Until eventually, he had managed to tuck himself right underneath the bench seat! And by the time I was standing almost alongside them both, he was shyly peeping out from underneath this, and both his young owners legs.

Seeing him adopt this submissive posture, I knelt down within his line if vision. Then, having first sought approval to take this picture.
I commenced speaking encouragingly to the dog. This I tried to achieve by adopting a quiet but reassuring voice.
And soon, with some additional encouragement from the owner, his mood quickly changed.
Pretty soon, the dog was wagging his tail and hind quarters frantically!
Then he dipped his head in a submissive manner, his tongue by this time slapping rather noisily, around his jowls!
He then whined loudly, and commenced stepping enthusiastically from one paw to the other.

I spent the next few minutes talking with his owner, enquiring where he had obtained this beautiful pup?

Turns out, he was a rescue dog, and that day he was learning to become socialised.
I tell you…..They don’t get much more social than this handsome fellah!

I love a happy ending though……..don’t you?

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