“Morning Smoke”

This photograph was taken early one morning, as I walked the streets of Torquay looking for somewhere to have a breakfast!

My wife and I, had stayed down there with two of our relatives, who were visiting us from Vancouver BC. We were also in the company of a great friend of ours from Plymouth.
Coincidentally, that just happens to be where I am blogging you from this evening!

Yes, bravely, we decided to travel down here today. Despite, both of us knowing, it was the dreaded Friday the 13th!!!!
But hey, we got here just fine.

Anyway….back to these two wonderful characters. I think that they were both locals to the area? Or perhaps they had been there all night?
“Who knows?”

Whatever the situation.
It was evident, that both were feeling the chill of the morning air.
Consequently, they had decided to enjoy a morning smoke together.
And actually, apart from myself, and a couple of the local shopkeepers. They were actually the only other people up and about, at this unearthly hour.

I smiled, and cheerfully said good morning as I passed them by. However, there was not even a modicum of acknowledgement, nor response…..None what so ever!

Instead, they both just stared blankly towards me, each taking a deep inhalation of smoke, and cautiously weighing me up.

So having my camera with me, I took the opportunity and fired off this shot!
On downloading it though, I was pleased to spot the cloud of cigarette smoke, frozen in time, swirling around the mouth of the gentleman sporting his flat cap.

The expression on this lady’s face remained, one of complete puzzlement.

In conclusion…… I did eventually find a cafe, and ordered myself a hearty breakfast.

Then, just as I was sipping my coffee, and gazing out the window.
About to tuck in to my eggs, beans, hash browns, mushrooms, tomatoes, and toast.

Guess who walks in through the door?

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