“Antiques, Vintage and Vogue”

Just venturing through Petersfield, when I decided to look in the old library.
It’s a fascinating quaint place. It has a really really old collection of novels, and the place just feels classical, even somewhat studious!

I took a shine to one particular and very old copy of “Treasure Island” dated back to 1924.
A true antique copy, if ever there were one.

Better still, It cost mere pennies!
So feeling rather chuffed with this cheeky little find, I walked out thinking I might pass this on to my grandson. A little guy who loves to read, and whom I could guarantee, would truly value and appreciate my gesture!

As I was scanning through my books old pages, I just happened to glance up.
And directly across the road, I caught sight of these two people.
I literally clicked the shutter and luckily caught a shot of an everyday gesture. Something which most of us humans exchange most days of our lives.
Never truly giving it a second thought.

It’s strange how we acknowledge another persons eye contact.
We usually tend to ignore, or we politely nod at strangers.
We might mouth “hello” or occasionally smile. More often such gestures see us simply raising our eyebrows in their general direction.

Now we may never set eyes upon these people again in our lives. Something however, made them feel the need to indicate to us, their presence.
And, should we feel comfortable to do so, we might reciprocate?

The name of the shop shown prominent in the window just seemed ironic in itself!
It seemed to lend itself nicely to the action being carried out by these two complete strangers, directly outside its premises.

Today was all about Antiques, Vintage & Vogue

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