“The last Tango in Gibraltar”

“Come let’s make a date to Tango quite late. And when we get tired. We’ll just Hesitate.”
Tango postcard, c. 1919

Whilst spending a week in Gibraltar recently. I was busy snapping a variety of the many amazing images on offer.
These ranged from street performers, through to unmoving, somewhat unnerving, human statues?

As I was walking through towards Casemates Square, manoeuvring my way through a sea of visitors and day trippers, flooding the streets, from their most recently berthed cruise liner.
I was held up momentarily, by the sheer density of crowd. These spectators looked spellbound. Pushing my way to the front, they remained entranced. All closely watching these two incredible dancers! Both of whom, were caught up in the pure harmony of this unique musical form!

Now then, I do have to be honest with you all here.
Ever since I inadvertently sat down and watched the movie “Shall we Dance” when Richard Gere was being taught the Tango, under the tutelage of his totally gorgeous dance teacher, played by Jennifer Lopez.
I have often secretly wished that I could find myself in a similar circumstance!

I would love to slip on the neatly pressed tuxedo, don the patent leather dance shoes, and partner an elegant, beautiful, sensual woman!

However, the chances of this ever occurring, are, to say the least,…negligible!

For this reason alone, I have huge admiration for anyone who has slogged hour after hour to master their craft. And believe me when I tell you that these two people had well and truly mastered their craft!

The woman in this shot was simply unbelievable! Not only in the way that she moved her body through dance, but in the way her perfect muscle tone and definition made what she was doing seem effortless?

The gentleman was equally outstanding. This pair would have made even the most cynical of dance critics melt!

I will never forget this performance, and I would have loved to have taken a video so that I might have been able to play it back over and over again?

However, sadly for me, this really was to be “The last Tango in Gibraltar’

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