Just prior to this photograph being taken, these two young lads were carrying out some seriously clever skills, on their specially adapted little stunt cycles!

I watched captivated, as they literally balanced themselves, and their bikes in an upright position. All of the weight being distributed down through the frame and into the front forks and suspension.

Then somehow holding themselves like this, motionless, and in a completely static position, before suddenly launching themselves upwards and hopping wall to wall, or wall to pavement and then back again! Is that skilled or what?

There are some seriously talented stunt riders out there, and remarkably despite broken wrists and dislocations it seems they cannot wait to get back on; and practice the next impossible manoeuvre.

I am constantly amazed at how confident and agile these kids are.
Zipping about on bikes which almost look too small for them? But it’s the way in which they get around on them that gets me…it is seriously impressive!

However despite all of this skill and talent which abounds the problem comes when your audience is all assembled, people of all ages are watching on intently? Some even applauding, having just acknowledged your recent demonstration of skill and ability!

Then suddenly… you are ready to carry out the most impressive trick that you have mastered to date! This is THE trick of the day! THE big finale! You are set…you are primed, you are poised to leap when BANG! Your back tyre goes completely flat!

Well, that is exactly what happened for this young lad. That’s the one sat there chewing his fingernails and relaxing on the bench seat. The one looking justifiably miffed!

However not to be deterred, his mate, the one who had been performing that morning with him, immediately grabbed the bike, flipped it over, and had fixed the flat tyre in a fraction of the time it would have taken most people.

Then with both lads back in business they were back on there bikes, and they were gone. Off weaving through the busy crowds populating Plymouth town centre that morning. Brazenly avoiding the Police Community Support Officers by jumping turning and spinning on their way
And all of this the time both these young lads continued to retain their totally cool street image, and managed to demonstrate some memorable techniques, worthy of admiration.

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