“A sign of the times”

This was a photograph I simply had to take!

I spotted this little signpost today as I drove along the seafront in Southsea. Immediately I swung the car around and luckily found a safe place to park up. Then armed with my camera, I walked back towards it’s location, hoping to compose and shoot an amusing image for my blog site?

Now I don’t know if anyone reading this today, can recall the film ‘Short Circuit’?

Well if you do, then you will immediately understand why I was taken with this image!

‘Short Circuit’ actually dates back to (1986) and its promotion strap line read..

“Something wonderful has happened…Number Five is alive!”

So for me this little insignificant sign, served as wonderful reminder of a film that was watched and adored by our family at the time!
This movie was one which truly did provide its audience with a warm and comforting ‘feel good factor’

Kind of scary though to think that was all of 27 years ago? Just incredible where time goes?

But like most things in life…”It’s just a sign of the times?”

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