“Summer’s all but gone”

Took this photograph during my recent visit to the West Country. It was captured from inside the car.

At the time I thought it seemed to epitomise the wave of apathy, which many here in UK seem to be experiencing right now.

“It’s over…Our summer has all but gone?”

The distinct change in temperature now means a change in the choice of clothing. Believe it or not though…Some brave people here are still running around in their shorts and T-shirts??

The vast majority of us here however, have by now, ‘dug out’ the ever reliable waterproof jacket hat or umbrella, warm footwear, and faithful old jeans?
As was the case with this particular young woman, except she has decided Ugg boots were definitely the order of the day!

Depressing is the prospect of the dark nights ahead! Of dodging torrential and unpredictable downpours. Blowing hot breath into cold gloved hands whilst stamping your feet.

Leaves on the line causing late public transport?

Facing miserable commuters with their depressing faces. That dull inevitability of standing in the morning bus queue and…just waiting!

Still at least for this particular young lady theirs still the prospect of getting back indoors after her busy day?

Getting out of her wet clothes, maybe taking a hot bath or shower then changing into her favourite onsies?

Heating up a bowl of her favourite piping hot soup with crusty bread? Then curling up on her sofa to relax, and to watch some telly.

Yes summer may well have left us, but there are still many Autumnal pleasures which await!

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