“How much is that doggy in the window”

Took a trip to Chichester today. And contrary to my last blog entry entitled ‘Summer’s all but gone’
Guess what? Again today we had wall to wall sunshine!

So it seemed to good an opportunity to miss, and I decided I might spend some time walking through this beautiful town in the hope of snapping some interesting street shots?

I was literally walking away from the car park when I noticed this woman chatting away on her mobile phone. Nothing too strange or indeed interesting about that I hear you say?

And of course you would be absolutely correct. Because In fact there were hordes of people using their mobile phones here in Chichester today.

So accepting that fact, one might assume this was probably going to be yet just another person using a mobile phone type image?

But no!..Not today, not for me!
Because today’s little shot turned out to be somewhat different. Even, dare I say it…mildly amusing?

I photographed this because of the perfect positioning of the life size fluffy dog seen peering out from behind the window frame, directly over the woman’s left shoulder.

It was a shot just to good to miss!

I love seeing images like this one, and will admit they do make me smile.

I totally love the expression on the dogs face and the fact that the woman in shot is completely oblivious to anything whatsoever, going on around her?

Though it really does look like she is on her mobile phone enquiring…

“How much is that doggy in the window?”

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