‘Hey…Let’s be careful out there?’

'Broken Seat'Here’s another shot from my visit to Chichester yesterday.

As I stated yesterday there was wall to wall sunshine and so consequently people were taking advantage, and wherever possible they were all kicking back and relaxing.

Drinking my coffee I glanced ahead and noticed one noticeably empty bench. At one end it was heavily wrapped in safety tape. This I assumed was to serve as a caution for any shoppers that is was broken or damaged, therefore it would be in their best interests, maybe not to use it?

So usually the tape alone would be enough to make people avoid sitting down, or at least make them more cautious before doing so?

However, these two gentlemen suddenly arrive alongside of the offending bench, and were not put off or dissuaded in any way. As promptly they both sat down making themselves comfortable. They both just seemed relieved to take the weight off their tired feet.

I was though initially concerned that I might be about to witness an accident occurring right in front of me? But the bench held firm!

By now though I was staring in their general direction and so they understandably, were looking back towards me. And there we all sat. Me looking at them, and them looking somewhat inquisitively at me with my camera in hand.

I wanted to get this shot though, so I just raised the camera and caught their puzzled curious facial expressions.

I truly hope that they weren’t offended in any way, but you know; as a photographer the books do tell you to kind of prepare yourself for what might happen next?
Well luckily on this occasion, nothing did.

But all the warning signs were there…Two larger guys, one precarious bench seat, a length of ‘high viz’ warning tape, seemingly holding one end of it together!
And of course myself. Sitting in the right place at the right time?

Thank goodness though both guys remained sitting upright and the bench seat did it’s job. This despite that highly obvious wrapping of hazard warning tape.

In conclusion then I am pleased to announce that no one was hurt during the taking of this photograph.

But remember children please don’t let your parents try this at home!

And hey….Let’s be careful out there!

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