‘One Brief Moment’


This photograph was captured at one of the many quaint little craft shops in the town of Chichester.

Hanging up outside this particular shop, and each individually spinning in the light breeze, were a selection of beautiful bamboo wind chimes.

Personally, we have several of these at home. Most of which have been collected from the many music festivals which we have attended over the years.

To me these are a joy. Both to look at and to listen to. Each one adding their own enchantment and somewhat spiritual essence to any garden.

In truth, whenever people have visited, they have mostly all been complimentary to us on the unexpected crystallised sounds emitted by our own selection. All created naturally, through the ever shifting breeze.

And even at night when everything outside is still; and breezes are very slight, you can still distinctly make out the harmonies produced, as each one rings out it’s distinctively clear musical note.

I believe that this lady today got caught up in that sound, and was equally captivated on hearing the music orchestrated.

I watched her face and smiled as suddenly she just seemed to stop still in her tracks. Then raising her sunglasses to the top of her head and closing her eyes, she took a slow, deep, fulfilling breath.

And just for one brief moment, she was transported somewhere else…completely!

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