‘Are we there yet?’

'Are we there yet?'

Walked through Havant Town Centre yesterday after having some lunch at the local theatre booking office restaurant.

It was relatively quiet in the town, helped in part by the schools having recently gone back. And made all that more enjoyable today as yet again, we had been blessed with some welcome warm sunshine!

As we approached the end of the town centre I noticed there were some large colourful billboards put up, due possibly to some shops having had to close down due to the recession?

Anyway, I was just perusing one of these large posters whilst waiting for my wife. It drew my interest initially as it was displaying images of guitars and a selection of other musical instruments. I also remember thinking to myself, this would make an interesting backdrop photographically? Then this lovely chap suddenly drew up on his top of the range mobility scooter, switched off the ignition and parked up.

And so there I had it…One photograph, complete with the afore-mentioned backdrop…So it was lights, camera, action!

Quickly lining up the shot I was just about to click the shutter when suddenly, I realised my scooter rider was not in fact alone at all. As out from the wicker basket secured to the front of his scooter popped the tiny head of a little Yorkshire terrier! Standing up to his full height and propping his front paws onto the basket edging he commenced yapping loudly whilst staring at his owner insistently, as if to say…”Are we there yet?”

Dogs really do bring so much joy to people, and despite this little terriers cocky arrogance. I sensed that the two were inseparable pals?

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