‘Riveting Conversation?’

'Riveting Conversation?'

Saw these two young woman partaking in a soft drink in Albert Road in Southsea.

I just liked the way the one on the right of the image seems intent on chattering away to her friend who unfortunately would seem to have switched off and zoned out of the dialogue altogether?

I must admit that I have found myself in many many similar situations.

And even by adopting my best non-verbal communication detection skills, it is still incredibly difficult to accurately gauge exactly how the people you are communicating with are truthfully feeling about what you fervently believe to be; a thoroughly riveting conversation?

Certainly here in U.K. most people are far too polite to simply walk away when they are bored.
Or are too considerate to tell the person chatting that they really are beginning to lose the will to live?

Now in truth, I cannot specify if I have indeed accurately reported this situation depicted above? Or if my instincts here are actually correct?
Yes my intuition is telling me that I am right! But…the thing here which really confuses me is that they have adopted almost exactly the same body position, check out their arms? That’s ‘Postural echo’ and that would strongly suggest that they are in harmony with one another?
Therefore the conversation has indeed captured the attention and interest of the recipient and my interpretation is wrong!

How to read situations eh?

As photographers, we do this every single time we raise the camera.

Mostly thank goodness, we tend to get it right! But…the real excitement comes when we have totally misread the clues and indications… then gone right ahead and taken the shot regardless?

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