“Sing Up!”

Funny what alcohol can bring to the party eh?

This guy had sent the day enjoying himself with friends in Southsea. He had then decided that he might go and listen to some of the free bands entertaining the hundreds that had gathered that day in Albert road.

Crowds including many of the locals to the area and hundreds of interested visitors. Everyone present was taking full advantage of the many and varied musical talents and participative activities available to everyone.
There was a huge variety of foods being cooked out in the open street and sold off at very reasonable prices. This ranged from superb Thai dishes Mexican and Indian Cuisine, through to good old fish and chips, hot dogs or hamburgers.

Now, as I am sure you are now only too aware, if you are intending to drink alcohol then it’s often a useful piece of advice to ensure that you accompany this with some decent food and nourishment?
If however the alcohol is not accompanied by the above then this can lead to us becoming ever so slightly tipsy and out of self control in terms of our emotions?

I had the distinct feeling that the gentleman in this photograph was possibly experiencing such a predicament? Music and alcohol can indeed be a really heady combination!
Often when people start drinking earlier than they would normally be used to and then continue this practice throughout the day simply forgetting to eat! Then alcohol can cause them to react in very different and often uncharacteristic ways.

Firstly it acts as a ‘dis-inhibitor’ so often people end up with an abundance of joy and confidence which they are all too ready to share. Irrelevant of whether you should choose to join in with them or not! These are fun drinkers and usually inoffensive.

People who just want to be sure everyone enjoys themselves? Exactly like this fellah in my photograph. Singing along loudly and gesticulating for all he is worth.

Then of course there is the negative side to alcohol which is equally well catalogued!
Too much consumed and being in the wrong mind set can lead to awful situations of anger, violence, and extremes in behaviours.

I know which one I would prefer personally.

So good on yah fellah…sing up!

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