‘Can you talk?’

'Can you talk?'

Mobile phones! Great fun to own but they can also be a real curse!

Is it just me? Or do you also find that yours seems to know exactly when to ring? This is usually at the most in-opportune moment!
When you find yourself struggling to either retrieve it from your jacket or trouser pockets or from your bag?
Or how about when it starts ringing and you just can’t remember where you left it?
You know the sort of things I mean i’m sure?

Well for me this seems to happen all to often!

That’s why I did have some shared sympathy for this poor guy who had his little daughter tucked safely under his right arm, complete with her little zip up shopping bag when suddenly. Ring Ring!

Yep his mobile sounds off.
He then commences fumbling about in his jacket pockets, one handed and trying to locate the thing.

Meanwhile his little girl suddenly drops her shopping bag which lands with a resounding thud on the pavement. She then starts fidgeting about on his arm looking anxiously at the ground whilst trying in her futile little way to reach out for it.

Eventually though the guy locates and answers the phone albeit somewhat clumsily having to use his left hand, whilst at the same time trying desperately to maintain a grip on his anxious little girl.

I imagine the voice at the other end casually saying… “Can you talk?”

Obviously this must have been an important call, and he probably tried to give a casual response reassuring the caller that he was of course completely free to talk!
But only seconds into this important call he then drops his mobile! Swiftly he swings his little daughter around and puts her down on the pavement.

He then picks up his phone whilst she picks up her little shopping bag. He then apologises to the caller for the break in conversation and restarts where he left off, this time though, holding the mobile phone in his right hand.

At this point his little girl then extends her hands whilst still holding her shopping bag and pleads to be picked up again.
And so, being a dedicated Dad he reaches down to scoop her up using his left arm.

But just as she is hoisted up unfortunately, she drops her little shopping bag!
Anxiously she then shifts her full body weight forward in a vain effort to try and retrieve it. However in doing so she accidentally dislodges her Dads peaked cap. This then slips forward and conveniently covers both his eyes, completely obscuring his vision.

And whilst all of this is going on, I am standing just feet away watching and quietly smiling to myself at this very amusing spectacle.
I couldn’t help laughing as he repositioned his peaked cap and tried so hard to compose himself in an effort to complete his very important phone call.

Oh the joys of answering your mobile…and of being so very easily accessible!

(Unlike your Phone!!)

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