‘The Silver Surfers’

'The Silver Surfers'

I was just sitting at a table outside one of our local restaurants having read my newspaper, when these two striking individuals stopped to chat with the lady you can just see in shot?
As she was sitting at the table directly next to mine a photograph seemed a safe option.

I snapped this image and immediately sensed how very distinguished they both looked.
I thought that the gentleman in particular though, just oozed character. He just had such an interesting face.

Now there is something I have done for as long as I can remember, and which I still continue to enjoy doing even today. And that is is to try and guess what people who are complete strangers to me, might have previously done for a living?

My best guess for the lady was that she was maybe a retired Head Teacher?

As for this rather tall bearded fellow with those long silver locks tied back into a pony tail? Well, I associated him as someone with something to do with boats and with the sea!

A wise, sound, trustworthy individual? A man who held strong morals?

But these were only my assumptions… I wonder what your thoughts might have been, or if you would have agreed with my initial choices?

That having been said, I was probably completely wrong, and would have been utterly surprised to find out that he actually played in a traditional folk band, and was in fact a gruff voiced gifted lead singer/musician?

On the other hand, they could well have turned out to be a singing duo?

Maybe with the stage name ‘The Silver Surfers’

I guess now though, I will never get to know…. eh?

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