‘Oh look…It’s me and my tree?’

'Oh look...It's me and my tree?'

Hello everyone…

Hope that you are enjoying your Monday. As you know it’s my day when I get to select a photograph from my little library here and add a splash of colour to my normal black and white preference.

Todays photograph was one which I captured during a ‘Love Albert road’ event, and I am reliably informed that this delightful young lady is carefully cradling a potted Fig Tree?

As I have mentioned in previous entries, ‘Love Albert road’ was just such a fantastic initiative which really did seem to generate a community spirit created through it’s friendly approach and thoughtful planning and preparation.

It was one of those annual events that brought laughter and showcased some of the many wonderfully colourful characters, bringing them closer into the street arena.

It was ideal venue for families and one of it’s many strengths was that it managed to bring genuine delight for those present to see so many people happily smiling at one another!

I remember that I was talking with my sister when I initially noticed the just top of this fig tree slowly but methodically winding it’s way through the crowds.
As it drew closer I was just positioned nicely to be able to capture the shot you are viewing today.

Now I am sure that you all have images in your own library’s which somehow appeal to you more than others? Well to me, this is such an image.
I just think the colour contrast of this lady’s blouse, and the sunlight caught in the leaves of the fig tree, really do seem to compliment one another?
I would have been even happier had I managed to get one of those smiles that I mentioned earlier; but you know what, I still love the way that your eye is drawn automatically to the centre of the photograph, and how she almost appears to have been placed there especially for this shot!

For your interest, the lady in this image obviously chose this shrub specifically. Because it would appear that they both share a lot in common?

Firstly it come from warm Mediterranean climates! They tend to thrive in sunny, well sheltered positions.
And are a loveable addition to anyones garden!

Need I say more?

4 thoughts on “‘Oh look…It’s me and my tree?’

  1. The tones are very lovely in this shot – the sun on the leaves and especially the skin tones. I’m thinking she’s carrying the tree because it matches her blouse. A lot of work for fashion’s sake, in my opinion. Somehow, her face being obscured adds to her mystery, and makes the tree seem even more of an oddity.

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