‘Stoptober Campaign 2013’

'Stoptober Campaign 2013' Well now! Just so that we are all clear. I am by self admission, a reformed non-smoker!

Also I am only too aware that there are many people out there who have tried and continue to try, to modify or to stop smoking altogether?
So if this happens to apply to you I say “Good luck and don’t give up giving up”

I thought that this image seemed relevant for today’s event. It was one which I captured last week whilst in the town of Havant.

Probably made all the more poignant in it’s black and white format?

Yes fellow bloggers, today sees the start of a huge campaign to encourage those wishing to, to stop using cigarettes for the next 28 days!

There are pages and links on Facebook and Twitter to name but two.

Supported by the NHS; Step 1 – Means you get a free Stoptober pack. Step 2 – provides those obtaining their free packs, daily tips and advice on the go, through mobile apps and text support.
Finally you can receive email support filled with useful tips and advice!

Personally I just wanted to say the very best of luck to anyone who does take part this extremely worthwhile challenge.

Me…I learned the hard way…So please don’t let that happen to you?

Maybe you could decide to do it for your family, or for your kids, but better still why don’t you just do it for yourself!

Finally, having been involved with campaigns like this in the past, I would like to give a ‘big shout out’ to every one of the many agencies involved in launching this hugely positive initiative.

Hope you all achieve your goals?
Last years initiative directly helped 160,000 people!

So c’mon guys…”You know you can do this!”

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