‘Time Out’

'Little Dude'

This young lad was a member of the excellent religious band who were playing in the High Street in Plymouth recently.

These musicians sang their hearts out and entertained crowds of people for hours whilst still finding the time to talk to and share a joke with some of the many shoppers and passers by who were present that day. This they did graciously, and without making anyone feel the least bit awkward or uncomfortable.

In my own humble opinion, I thought that they were a really talented group of people. These were folk in whose eyes you could clearly denote a thorough sense of belief in the lyrics which they all sang with so much passion and commitment. They sang and clapped showing so much joy that it virtually ensured almost anybody within range couldn’t help but become involved.

It was during a small intermission which they had taken that I remember watching this one young lad suddenly take himself off and move away from the demands being made of him from his two younger sisters, both of whom were giggling and laughing and taking turns at being given piggy back rides from a friend of the band.
He seemed sensible enough to sit close enough as to remain in eye contact with his immediate family, yet far enough away to take some individual and obviously well deserved ‘time out’ for himself?

As he climbed up on the ledge of this brick wall he positioned himself and then just sat there quietly…watching!
Then he suddenly seemed to adopt this very serious look on his little face. It was almost as if he had decided to reflect on the true meaning of his life!

Having listened earlier to him interact with both his parents and his siblings it was refreshing to admire such a polite well mannered young lad, who despite his years seemed equipped with a sense of independence and maturity which were not only a credit to himself, but also to both his loving and obviously very dedicated parents.

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