‘Personal Call?’

'Personal Call?'

I had to pop into my local High Street yesterday and for once I forgot to take my camera, hence a colour shot!

It was reasonably busy as I darted here and there sorting out things that I needed to do.
Anyway, there were many of the usual suspects in attendance, all of whom were settled in at each of there respective seating positions.

I honestly like the atmosphere down in the town because there always seems to be a new character to observe and it’s great watching everyone nipping in and out to maybe go to Bingo or pop into the local Post Office or Tesco or to grab a drink in one of the coffee shops?

For some locals though it’s the pub where a few of the guys like to get together to take advantage of the meal deals.

All that aside, I was wandering back home when I spotted this young lad! There he sat with his headphones in situ his wonderfully crazy carved hair design and deep in conversation on his mobile phone.

Now I have no objection to people chatting on mobile phones but I had to laugh because literally every shopper within one hundred yards was treated to his verbal dialogue.

He seemed oblivious to anything else going on around him and for some reason his voice just got louder and louder still, till in the end he was almost at shouting pitch!

I suppose the only thing I could relate this situation to, would be when you put on your headphones in an aeroplane and someone then speaks to you…and you reply back… only much louder than you had imagined you had?

Mobile phone conversations always make me chuckle, I wonder why it is that so many of us believe we need to shout very very loud just to be heard by the caller on the other end?


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