“A different perspective”

Snapped this image from the top floor of a local shopping precinct in Southampton known as ‘West Quay’

I liked it because of the unusual shadow illuminated just above these two women which reminded me of the immensely popular ‘Pac-Man’ arcade game which was released in Japan back in 1980.

Do you remember it used to be a yellow pie shape character who moved around a maze trying to devour dots and little ghost figures?

It was initially invented to entice girls to play as well as boys! Maybe that is what was happening in this image…it was trying to persuade these two to get involved?

Anyway despite it’s best efforts they moved away soon after this shot was taken and they settled down to enjoy a meal together.
Coincidentally my recent research shows that in Japan “paku-paku” is a word used for munching? Which is why they named the game Puck-Man!

This though did not translate well in U.S. as it sounded distinctly similar to a foul four-letter word in English.

“Not a lot of people know that!

But enough already…I have to go; I am heading off tonight to attend The Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo-walk which is being held in the Royal William Yard Plymouth on October 5, 2013.

If you have a minute why not check it out on worldwidephotowalk.com

I will hopefully add some of the images I capture to my blog entry next week?

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