‘Latest Lab Report’

'Latest Lab Report'

Saw this fellah and his new puppy sitting together on this bench. The guy was busy on his mobile texting frantically to someone and looking somewhat anxious.

Whoever this person was that he was texting, I got the feeling that this was going to be rather a surprise for them?

I could imagine it all started to go pear shaped after he had this wonderful spontaneous idea of buying a very, very special birhday gift.

But…having just visited with the sister of the birthday girl, excited to share with her his news, she has unfortunately brought both him and his pup crashing down to earth by making it abundantly clear that a new puppy just might not be as well received as he was hoping that it might!

In fact it could prove a disaster!

So the pair have since left the sisters place and he has decided to start texting; desperately hoping to gauge what type of reaction he can expect once he spills the beans?
Whilst biting his lip he is keeping everything crossed just hoping for a more favourable response than the sister had predicted?

Whilst all of this is going on though, one totally adorable little Labrador pup is sitting obediently on his blanket looking thoroughly dejected with himself. Resigned to the fact that despite his new owners best intentions, it looks like he might be staying back at his mums place tonight after all!

Hopefully he got to keep the blanket though?

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